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Norway is one of the three Scandinavian countries, a very popular destination in Norway is the famous mirador Trolltunga which is situated in a beautiful national Park Hardangervidd. The capital city Oslo attracts many tourist every year. The best way to explore this amazing country is by doing a road trip. Check out our cheap car rental prices for Norway!

  • All Locations for Norway

    • Aalesund Airport [AES]
    • Alta Airport [ALF]
    • Andenes Airport [ANX]
    • Bardufoss Airport [BDU]
    • Bergen Airport [BGO]
    • Bodo Airport [BOO]
    • Bronnoysund Airport [BNN]
    • Evenes Airport [EVE]
    • Fagernes Airport [VDB]
    • Floro Airport [FRO]
    • Foerde Airport [FDE]
    • Hammerfest Airport [HFT]
    • Harstad Airport [EVE]
    • Haugesund Airport [HAU]
    • Kirkenes Airport [KKN]
    • Kristiansand Airport [KRS]
    • Lakselv Airport [LKL]
    • Leknes Airport [LKN]
    • Mo I Rana Airport [MQN]
    • Molde Airport [MOL]
    • Mosjoen Airport [MJF]
    • Namsos Airport [OSY]
    • Narvik Airport [NVK]
    • Orsta Volda Airport [HOV]
    • Oslo Airport Gardermoen [OSL]
    • Roros Airport [RRS]
    • Rygge Airport [RYG]
    • Sagvaag Stord Airport [SRP]
    • Sandane Airport [SDN]
    • Sandefjord Torp Airport [TRF]
    • Sandnessjoen Airport [SSJ]
    • Skien Airport [SKE]
    • Sogndal Airport [SOG]
    • Stavanger Airport [SVG]
    • Stjordal Trondheim Airport [TRD]
    • Stokmarknes Airport Skagen [SKN]
    • Svolvaer Airport [SVJ]
    • Tromso Airport [TOS]
    • Vadso Airport [VDS]
    • Gjovik Railway Station
    • Oslo Asker Railway Station
    • Oslo East Railway Station
    • Sandnessjoen Railway Station
    • Trondheim Railway Station
    • Aalesund
    • Alta
    • Andenes
    • Arendal
    • Bardufoss
    • Batsfjord
    • Bergen
    • Billingstad
    • Bjerka
    • Bodo
    • Bronnoysund
    • Drammen
    • Egersund
    • Elverum
    • Evenskaer
    • Fagernes
    • Farsund
    • Finnsnes
    • Flekkefjord
    • Floro
    • Foerde
    • Frederikstad
    • Glomfjord
    • Grimstad
    • Halden
    • Hamar
    • Hammerfest
    • Harstad
    • Haugesund
    • Hesseng
    • Holmestrand
    • Kaupanger
    • Kirkenes
    • Kongsberg
    • Kongsvinger
    • Kristiansand
    • Lakselv
    • Larvik
    • Leknes
    • Lillehammer
    • Lillestrom
    • Longyearbyen
    • Lyngdal
    • Mandal
    • Mo I Rana
    • Molde
    • Mongstad
    • Mosjoen
    • Moss
    • Namsos
    • Narvik
    • Nesstun
    • Oernes
    • Orsta Volda
    • Oslo
    • Otta
    • Porsgrunn
    • Roeros
    • Rud
    • Sagvaag
    • Sandefjord
    • Sandnessjoen
    • Sarpsborg
    • Ski
    • Skjetten
    • Sortland
    • Stathelle
    • Stavanger
    • Steinkjer
    • Stokmarknes Downtown
    • Svalbard
    • Svolvaer
    • Tiller Heimdal
    • Toensberg
    • Toyota Nordvik
    • Tromso
    • Tynset
    • Ulvsvaag
    • Vadso
  • Car rental companies in Norway

    • Sixt Norway
      Sixt Norway
    • Europcar Norway
      Europcar Norway
    • Alamo Norway
      Alamo Norway
    • Enterprise Norway
      Enterprise Norway
    • Keddy Norway
      Keddy Norway
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Making Memories In Norway by Renting a Car

Fancy catching a glimpse of the brilliant northern lights? Or would you rather savor the midnight sun over the picturesque Arctic Circle? Alternatively, you could go hiking in the lush fjords characterized by glaciers and tall mountains. All this and more is on offer in Norway. As a holiday destination, Norway is as good as they come. With about 5 million people, Norway is not a particularly large country. It only covers an area of about 380 thousand square kilometers. If you want to tour this beautiful country, then the information below could be of great help.

Immigration Rules:

  • Passport Validity

Your passport must be valid for 90 days after the date of your departure from the country. It is however prudent to make sure that you have at least 6 months on your passport before travelling.

  • Blank Passport Pages

You need to make sure that your passport has unused pages to allow for stamping upon arrival to Norway. If you have a passport with less than 2 blank pages you should have them added before you travel.

Most Popular Tourist Destinations In Norway

When it comes to tourist attractions, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice while you’re in Norway. However, if you are time barred there are two destinations you dare not miss out on.

  • The North Cape

The North Cape can only be described in one word “breathtaking”. Little wonder why it’s the destination of choice for most tourists who visit northern Scandinavia every year.  With 250 thousand visitors every year, this is one destination you cannot afford to miss out on. The lush sceneries, unusual climate as well as the spectacular cliff make for an unforgettable hiking destination that you can enjoy with both friends and family. The Northern Cape is a cliff standing 307 meters and is widely accepted as Europe’s northern point.

  • The Geirangerfjord

Found near the coastline in western Norway, the Geirangerfjord features spectacular waterfalls that hit the fjord on both sides. It is one of the most important stopovers in the itinerary of those taking Scandinavian cruises. It is a brilliant hiking and fishing destination. If you’re into it, you could also indulge in kayaking.

Getting Around In Norway

Norway has a well developed transport system with excellent air, road, rail and water networks. With about 98 airports the aviation industry in Norway is at par with the world’s best. With 4,114 km of standard gauge rail transport you can get around easily using the railway. There are also tramways in Trondheim, Bergen and Oslo. The roads in Norway are also world class and you will find it pleasurable to drive around.

Car Hire in Norway

You best bet for touring Norway is by use of a self drive car. You can get one using the service of a car hire agency. A rental car will not only give you free reign over where and how you travel, it is also far much cheaper than using a taxi depending on where you want to go. If you choose to go the way of a car for hire, make sure to remember that the general speed limit in this country is 80 km/h.

With a car for hire you are bound to enjoy your holiday as you tour the picturesque sceneries and indulge in the myriad of winter sports available in Norway.

Car rental tips for Norway

Registration Fee/Road Tax in Norway

In some Norwegian cities toll road fee may apply. The car will be equipped with an AutoPass chip next to the driving mirror. The cost for the chip is approximately 42.00 NOK per day. Additionally there will be extra costs for passing a toll road station, which will be charged from your credit card within 5 days after return.
Moving or removing the chip is not allowed and will be fined.

Cross Border Rentals & Territorial Restrictions in Norway

Cross Border Rentals are allowed to the following countries:
For Cross Border Rentals to Denmark, Finland and Sweden no Greencard is needed.
For Cross Border Rentals out of the Nordic countries a written confirmation is needed. Cross Border Rentals are on request only, please contact the local rental station.
When the station has given the permission, a Greencard is needed. This will be given to the customer at the counter.
In case of offence against Cross Border & Territorial Restrictions all insurances loose their validity.
Ferry trips: It is allowed to use the rental car on ferries.

Minimum age to rent a car in Norway

Minimum age in Norway is 19 and the driver has to be in possession of a valid driving license for at least 1 year. A Young Driver fee applies for drivers under 23 years

Winter tyres in Norway

During winter season winter tyres are mandatory, all rental cars will be equipped with winter tyres. Additionally you can rent also show chains. 

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See below last 5 customer reviews. Our customers rated Norway Car Rental with an average of 8.75 based on 8 ratings.

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No Attendants

We went to the rental counter the evening before return to ask about extension...there was no attendant available.rnon the day of return there was no attendant to check us in. there was no information posted about a drop box for keys and it also was hard to locate.

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Norway car rental reviewNorway car rental reviewNorway car rental reviewNorway car rental reviewNorway car rental review


Great Service!

The entire process of renting a car was really easy and convenient. i recommend this company to whom considering renting a car in europe.

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Norway car rental reviewNorway car rental reviewNorway car rental reviewNorway car rental review


Very Good

Everything was very good. the staff was realy friendly and the car was grat.

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Norway car rental reviewNorway car rental reviewNorway car rental reviewNorway car rental review


Lonely At The Airport

We rented a car at the airport, have been 45 minutes late from the cruise ship and the whole airport of narvik is closed in the morning. with the help of the taxi driver we get in contact with sixt and at the end we've got an upgrade by the car good recommendations for daytours and everybody was happy... the real sixt car rental was just near the ship, but we didn't know, so we went to the airport and lost all in all nearly two hours.

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Norway car rental reviewNorway car rental reviewNorway car rental reviewNorway car rental reviewNorway car rental review


One Day In Bodo With Sixt

The rental station was not so far from the harbour. the car was o.k. and we could check our mails at the sixt office.rnwhy is there now rental station in the harbour when cruise ships arrive? there have been a lot of passengers interessted in rental cars...